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We are looking for an experienced PHP & Symfony Developer to strengthen the development team for a an online platform at one of our clients.

The client has a 5 MariaDB AWS cluster setup by terminal/SSH. They run Linux or Ubuntu on their workstations. They apply full-page SQL queries for optimizations and manage 100's of webhooks and other API's to several load-balanced AWS application servers. Their main technology is built on Symfony with external API connections to several other platforms and partners.

The main focus will be writing a new module and extend their existing API.

Ideally you

  • Speak Dutch and are fluent in English
  • have several years experience in PHP Symfony, Laravel or other related frameworks
  • have experience with MariaDB and SQL optimizations
  • are familiar with Lamp stack setups and know how to configure, optimize and keep your Apache secure
  • write clean code and keep it well-documented
  • have used source control systems such as Git or SVN
  • are able to work with Jira and Confluence and can interpret bug reports
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PHP Developer
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