Security Officer

|Security Officer
# INCA03835


  • Act as the security product owner (toolings roadmap)
  • Secure the security technologies and define the processes
  • Work closely with the Development teams for them to take in account the security in architecture, in application design and in development Frameworks
  • Bring security to be Secdevops oriented in application features
  • Ensure that security requirements are properly taken into account in products, verify that applications are securely coded (static, dynamic analysis) and only released once security checks are passed, at least focusing on highly sensitive components
  • Manage, run and maintain application security services: vulnerability scanning, audit of Access & Identity Access Management.
  • Lead the security for the digital datacenter (EDC, Azure,…)
  • Ensure Business Continuity for Applications hosted in EDC or Azure
  • Monitor activities (E.g connections from anonymized locations, authentication failures, privilege escalation, attack detection, etc.) and verify the security measures effectiveness


  • Technical
    • Security expertise (standards, procedures, tools and technologies)
    • Knowledge of relevant IT Security related hardware, software
    • Understanding of general security and specific datacenter operational processes
    • Practical experience of computer operating systems such as MS Windows, UNIX/(Linux)
    • Experience of Azure Cloud: IaaS, PaaS
  • o Devops/scripting
    • Automation and scripting skills, Azure-Automation, Orchestrator
    • Overall understanding of the source code programming languages
    • CI/CD
  • Agile method
  • Deep thinking analytical mind with the ability to quickly get to the root cause of issues
  • Leader type
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Security Officer
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