Sr. Project Manager (Blockchain & Crypto)

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Our client is looking for a Senior Project Manager (Dutch speaker) to oversee a portfolio of Blockchain & Crypto related projects and value streams. Responsibilities include business case development, team leadership, stakeholder collaboration, and project execution.

The role involves close collaboration with development teams for project estimation, risk identification, and schedule tracking, ensuring the availability of required hardware and software.

Daily tasks

  • You will work on innovative projects related to Programmable Money using our blockchain platform.
  • Collaborate with a diverse team to deliver cutting-edge features for our clients within the Group Applications Services department.
  • Focus on streams such as Programmable Money, Identity & Crypto at both local and group levels, contributing to initiatives related to programmable money, digital identity, and more.
  • Lead project teams to develop ideas, support development, and rollout solutions to customers.
  • Contribute to the further development of Programmable Money and our blockchain technology.
  • Play a key role in solving customer problems within the standing organization, analyzing impact, and overseeing implementation.
  • Take end-to-end responsibility for startup, development, and delivery of new features, covering blockchain, crypto, customer journey, and mobile applications.

Your skills:

  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, analysts, testers, scrum masters, and product owners.
  • Lead new projects and features, bringing colleagues together to work on requirements and process flows.
  • Manage project progress and ensure qualitative delivery within a SAFe approach.
  • Proactive, communicative, and eager to contribute to stakeholder management, project organization, and planning.
  • Take ownership of tasks and ensure quality project delivery in a fast-changing environment.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and a team-oriented mindset.

To excel in this role, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Customer-centric mindset
  • Ability to create process flows and delve into requirements
  • Capacity to analyze the impact of new features and address problems
  • Enthusiasm for collaboration and idea development with colleagues
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Structured approach to balancing responsibilities and meeting deadlines
  • Ability to work independently while being a team player
  • Interest in blockchain and crypto
  • Common sense and practical problem-solving abilities


Flexible to work in Leuven (1-2 d), Ghent, Brussels + telework

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Sr. Project Manager (Blockchain & Crypto)
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